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09.2018  Last Update
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08.09. 2018- YL44WFF  from new one YLFF-0134 Liepajas Lake Nature reserve  - YL3BF Janis,YL2QG  Andris,YL2UI Egils, YL3GAZ Andis, YL3GIE Valdis, YL3CAAE Ilvars, YL3CAAC Norberts, YL3CAAJ Martins and YL3CAAK Karlis.

21.10. 2017 - YL3DQ/p  from new one YLFF-0263 Lielais& Pemmes Nature reserve - YL3DQ Normunds

29.08 -02.09. 2017 - YL/DG1HVL/p  from YLFF-0012 Pape - DG1HVL Hans-Joachim

YL/LY3IV -19.08.2017 YLFF-0306 Ragakapa  - LY3IV Rolandas

 YL/LA9TKA/p - 25-31.07.2017  YLFF-0155 Ovisi(New One) - LA9TKA Ivar