4-6 June 2022 activated YLFF-0062 Moricsalas Strict Nature Reserve.
Since April 2021, the callsign license has been extended for another 5 years.
The station is planning activation in the Kurzeme region of Latvia.
100 Years of Moricsala Nature Reserve. www.slitere.lv
QSL Manager : YL2CQ
In 2012, the Moritsala Nature Reserve, which is the very first nature reserve in Latvia, celebrated its 100th anniversary. It was founded in 1912. More information can be found on the website www.daba.gov.lv
In June 2012, Slitere Travelers Days were held http://sliteresdiena.wordpress.com
These days from the Slitere National Park (www.slitere.lv) the territory of YLFF-0004, and from the Slitere lighthouse (ARLHS LAT-006) the radio station YL0WFF was working.
2013 ® YL2SW