We had a very interesting project with ECO school in Valmiera " Place of my dreams in Latvia ." Children of several schools have prepared illustrations of beautiful places , parks, famous architectural sites , flora and fauna of our country. The best pictures will be posted on the following diplomas 4 on 15, 25 , 35, 50 for the "hunters" and 4 on 10,15,20,25 for " activators ."
The competition provided more than 50 works . Commission, composed with YLFF coordinator and the independent expert on the decoration from the Valmiera Viestura school, chosen 12 works by four in each category : 1-3, 4-6 , 7-9 classes . There were also 10 Sympathy works awarded with the special prizes.
Pictures can be found in the Gallery . All children thank you for participating , and teachers from Valmiera 2nd School for their help in organizing the competition !
2013 ® YL2SW
15.02.2015 New awards, which have been created by Valentine  RK6AX. Many thanks him again.